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Bromeliad Specialties goal is to provide the highest quality plants at a price that allows them to sell easily through the retail channels. We have developed many different packaging concepts, and can specialize to our customer needs.

Primarily we are a grower of Air Plants, having a 103000 sq/ft green house and 25600 sq/ft shade house. The green house represents a large investment in providing the best environment for growing Air Plants. In our nine years of growing and mar keting Tillandsias, we found it is important to maintain quality through propagation and culture, and not depend on what can be imported. This is particularly important in placing these plants in a retail environment. The healthier the plants are throu gh cultivation, the longer shelf life and better customer satisfaction after they get the plants home.

Our business is whole sale to the reseller or value added marketers. This will include all flea market vendors and craft fair exhibitors. We do not accept credit cards. All terms are COD or establishment of an account. If you have any question s please call our Toll Free Number and find how Bromeliad Specialties can add some green to your bottom line.

We send you a price list and color sheets via US mail or fax or e-mail the price list and availability.

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